Biltmore’s Pride is Guest Service!

Building Block’s of Service
Providing exceptional and consistent guest service is the #1 goal of all JDM Golf employees at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club, the Wigwam Golf Club, and the Adobe Restaurant.  We realize that doing the little things is necessary to make the guest’s experience memorable.

JDM Golf’s Mission

PRIDe4: Exceeding Expectations, Every Guest, Every Time

Biltmore PRIDe4 is not only our mission statement, it is our policy.  We strive to Exceed the Expectations of Every guest, Every time, to ensure that all customers have the same experience, no matter when they frequent our clubs.

The following four building blocks of service are necessary components of the Biltmore PRIDe4 mission statement:

    •    CONSISTENCY:  The Arizona Biltmore name is known to people worldwide because we exceed guests’ service expectations.  Our goal is to ensure this service is consistent every time for every guest.  
    •    PERSONALIZED SERVICE:  Personalizing our service to exceed the needs of every individual member or guest is extremely important.  Employees strive to use the guest’s name when addressing them; this adds a level of service that ensures they feel welcome and special when they walk on to our property.  
    •    INSPIRATIONAL MOMENTS:  Being that we work in the golf business, we are fortunate enough to have members and guests who visit us with recreation in mind.  Therefore, our members and guests are, theoretically speaking, in a positive frame of mind as they are here to enjoy themselves.  
    •    HASSLE FREE SERVICE:  As mentioned above, our members and guests are visiting The Arizona Biltmore for recreation.  They have many choices in the Phoenix area to spend their hard-earned money and they have chosen us.  We are charged with the responsibility of providing HASSLE FREE SERVICE to both our members and our guests.

If a team member encounters a challenge, he or she takes ownership and uses the H.E.A.R.T. Model:
           H= Hear the member / guest
           E= Empathize with them!
           A= Apologize for the inconvenience
           R= Resolve the problem with the guest and provide an “Inspirational Moment”
           T= Thank the guest for bringing the issue to our attention.

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